35 years of stories


In celebration of our 35th Anniversary we want to share the stories of the people who have been such an integral part of Between Friends. Throughout our birthday year, we’ll be featuring amazing individuals that have helped shape our organization and make it what it is today!

Suzanne Jackett

Meet Suzanne Jackett, CEO of Between Friends.

The year was 1986. Suzanne Jackett got her first job at Between Friends, where she was one of only three employees. At the time, the organization consisted of about 90 members; only children. Fast-forward to 2017 and Between Friends now houses 17 full-time employees and has over 750 participants; children, youth and adults! It’s fair to say that Between Friends has changed. A lot.

Suzanne was studying Kinesiology at Queens University when a practicum in her final year solidified her life’s purpose: her passion. It was in that year, adapting a physical education program for children with disabilities that she fell in love with the work to which she would dedicate her life.

At a young age, she understood the value of each individual, regardless of ability. In elementary school, having witnessed the isolation her best friend faced because of her disability, Suzanne made the conscious choice to stand by her, even if that meant being excluded herself.

Nikki Stevens