At-home resources: Ages 13-17

Time to get busy! Check out our alternative online programming for teens. We’re updating the list regularly – check back often!

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Get Active!

At home cardio exercises – seated optionComputer or LaptopAt Home Cardio
Chair YogaComputer or LaptopPureWow
Just Dance VideosComputer or LaptopJust Dance
Live Bollywood Dance Class on Sunday Mornings 

Levels: Kids/beginner class, 10:00am, up to age 14 

Intermediate class for people with previous dance experience, 10:45am, ages 14+ 

Ladies class is open to all genders- choreography is femanine, 11:15am, all ages
Computer or Laptop & Facebook/ InstagramMadhuban Performing Arts on Facebook 

Or search for @madhubanperformingarts on Instagram
Movement Break VideosComputer or LaptopBrain Breaks
Themed Yoga
Ex: Star Wars Yoga
Frozen Yoga
Pokemon Yoga

Computer or Laptop Cosmic Kids Yoga
Top Exercises for People Living with a DisabilityComputer or Laptop Activbody
Daily Kids WorkoutComputer or Laptop Playpennies Daily Kids Workout
YMCA Free workout classesComputer or Laptop On-Demand Workouts
Eyes free fitness: includes yoga, Pilates, cardio, balance, stretching and meditations. Each workout is described so you do not need to see the screen.Computer or Laptop Eyes Free Fitness

Virtual Activities

San Diego Zoo Live Cam Computer or LaptopSan Diego Zoo Kids: Home
Monterey Bay Aquarium Live CamComputer or Laptop Monterey Bay Aquarium Live cams
Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam Computer or Laptop Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam
Houston Zoo Live Cam Computer or Laptop Houston Zoo Live Cam
Georgia Aquarium Beluga CamComputer or Laptop Georgia Aquarium Beluga Webcam
Vancouver Aquarium Live CamsComputer or Laptop Vancouver Aquarium Cams
Boston Children’s Museum Computer or Laptop Boston Children’s Museum Virtual Tour
Cincinnati Zoo Live CamComputer or Laptop Cincinnati Zoo
Decorah Eagles Live CamComputer or Laptop Bald Eagle Cam
Virtual Farm Tours Computer or Laptop FarmFood 360
Virtual Tour of Mars!Computer or Laptop Access Mars: A WebVR Experiment
Yellowstone National Park virtual outing Computer or Laptop Yellowstone National Park
Natural History MuseumComputer or Laptop Smithsonian – Natural History Museum
The Great Wall of China Computer or Laptop Great Wall of China Virtual Guide
The LouvreComputer or Laptop The Louvre
Kitten Rescue Live CamComputer or Laptop Live Kitten Cam
Canada’s Wonderland – Yukon Striker – tallest, fastest, longest at parkComputer or Laptop Yukon Striker
Canada’s Wonderland – Leviathan – longest, wooden rollercoaster at parkComputer or Laptop Leviathan
Canada’s Wonderland – BehemothComputer or Laptop Behemoth
Canada’s Wonderland – The BatComputer or Laptop The Bat
Canada’s Wonderland – VortexComputer or Laptop Vortex
Canada’s Wonderland – Dragon FryeComputer or Laptop Dragon Frye
Canada’s Wonderland – MinebusterComputer or Laptop Minebuster
Microsoft Edge: Inclusive Classroom ToolsComputer or Laptop Immersive Reader, Dictation of speech to text
Explore 5 US National ParksComputer or Laptop National Park – Virtual Tours
Stories Read by celebritiesComputer or Laptop Storyline
3D Animals – complete a Google search of animals on this list, then select “view animals in 3D”Android or IPhone – search Google for 3D animals3D animals
Disney – Pirates of the CaribbeanComputer or Laptop Pirates of the Caribbean Rollercoaster
Indiana Jones and The Temple of DoomComputer or Laptop Indiana Jones ride
Giant Screen Films: Dinosaurs Alive!Computer or Laptop Dinosuars Alive!
Giant Screen Films: Wild OceansComputer or Laptop Wild Oceans

Learn Something New!

Government of Alberta – COVID ExplanationComputer or Laptop COVID explained in plain english
Autism – How to Manage the Daily RoutineComputer or Laptop Autism – Daily Routine
75 Mixed indoor activitiesComputer or Laptop Indoor Educational Activities
Online Music Therapy with Lively Up Yourself! Music Therapy (1:1 live sessions)Computer
Fee required (25$ for 30 minutes)
Email Jimmy to set up an online session!
Scholastic Home Learning ModulesComputer or Laptop Scholastics
Stories read by astronautsComputer or Laptop Storytime From Space
ASL Storybook ReadingsComputer or Laptop ASL Stories
Doodles – Check each day for a new lessonComputer or Laptop Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!
Science WebsitesComputer or Laptop 40 Science Websites
Idea Lab (Science Experiments)Computer or Laptop Idea Lab Facebook
Spark Science from HomeComputer or Laptop Spark Science from Home
The Science of HappinessComputer or Laptop Happiness Course
Khan Academy – Learning Resources – age 2-18Computer or Laptop Khan Academy
RecRespite – Free Virtual groups from April 20 – 30 (then fee based)Computer or Laptop RecRespite
ExploratoriumAny deviceExploratorium
Virtual Scuba DivingAny deviceVirtual Dives – National Marine Sanctuaries
OLogyAny device American Museum of Natural History
COVID19 Time CapsulePrinter COVID19 Time Capsule
Accessible Chef is a collection of free visual recipes and other resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities.Computer, Recipe ingredients, cooking equipment Accessible Chef
How to Wear a Mask: Social StoryAny device
Wearing a Mask Story

Music Session Resources

Popsicle Stick Harmonica2 popsicle sticks, 2 elastic bands, paper, 2 toothpicks Popsicle Stick Harmonica
Bongo Drums/Rice ShakerTin cans, balloons, elastic bands, chopsticks/sticks, rice/lentils Bongo Drums/ Rice Shaker
Egg Carton MaracasEgg cartons, scissors, paint, sticks, glue,glitter/ribbon Egg Carton Maracas
Singing Straws6-8 straws, tape, scissors Singing Straws
Homemade CastanetsPaper plate/cardboard, scissors, glue, buttons/coins/bottlecaps, hole punch, elastic band/ribbon Castanets
Mini Lid BanjosJumbo craft/popsicle stick, rubber/loom bands, tape, glue, sequins Mini Lid Banjos
Sound JarsJars with lids, buttons, beads, coins Sound Jars
Household Percussion JamPots, pans, cookie sheet, wooden/plastic spoon, zipper/backpack Household Percussion
Melody Play AlongAny device Melody Play Along
Interactive Music Session (Water)Pot, bowl, water, spoon, wrapping paper roll, any sound maker Water Theme Interactive Music Session
Interactive Music Session (Rainforest)A soundmaker/jar, a long scarf, colored, cardboard tube, tin foil Rainforest Theme Interactive Music Session
Interactive Music Session (Water)Any device Water Theme Interactive Music Session
Interactive Music Session (Rainforest)Any device Rainforest Theme Interactive Music Session
Online Music Therapy (1:1 live sessions) Computer or Laptop
Fee required
JB Music Therapy

Fun & Games

Alexa Games Amazon Alexa Alexa Skills & Games
DIY Craft DeliveryMaterials will be delivered to your home, from Pinnovate.
Fee required
DIY Craft Delivery
Google Home Features for Kids Google Home Google Home Kids
Play Free Board Games Online (i.e. Yahtzee, Monopoly)Computer or Laptop POGO Board Games
Joy for All: Calgary, youth-run volunteer initiative – pre-recorded jokes, positive stories, kind messagesJoy for All

Relax & Recharge

5 finger breathingComputer or Laptop 5 Finger Breathing
54321 Grounding exercise – Coping Skills for KidsComputer or Laptop/(Printer)

List 5 things you can see
4 things you can feel
3 things you can hear
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste
Coping Skills for Kids
Audio BooksComputer or Laptop
*free 30 day trial
Audible – Audio Books
Guided Meditation for Anxiety and WorryComputer or LaptopGuided Meditation for Children
Mandala Colouring/Drawing OnlineComputer or Laptop Mandala Colouring/Drawing
Mind Jars/Sensory JarsSmall Jars or Plastic Water Bottles
Glitter Glue
Food Coloring
Hot Water
Glitter and/or sequins (optional)
Sensory Bottles
150 Sensory Learning IdeasComputer or Laptop 150 Sensory Learning Ideas
Online PuzzlesComputer or Laptop Online Puzzles
StoryLine Online – Bedtime stories read by some of your favorite famous actors!Computer or Laptop Storyline Online
Phone call from Pro Story TellerComputer or Laptop, & Phone
*Fill out form under Virtual Event: Story Calls! and send email to*
Storytelling Alberta Facebook Page
Stories Read by celebrities

Computer or Laptop Storyline
Online ConcertsComputer or Laptop Online Concerts – Link
Do Yoga With MeComputer or Laptop Do Yoga With Me

Virtual Group Activities

Dance parties/karaoke partyGoogle Hangouts, Spotify, YouTube N/A
Netflix Party Computer
*Netflix Account Required
Netflix Party Instructions
Uno Online Computer OR lAPTOPUno Online