Everyone wins at Family Golf Day



Family Golf Day began as early as 2006 as a one day happening for Between Friends’ members, friends and family alike. Family Golf Day is an opportunity for a day of family time or, more recently, time with dad as it has fallen on Father’s Day the past couple of years.

Attendees would gather at a local driving range to hit some balls and enjoy a few chuckles as people tried the quintessential Happy Gilmore run-up.

Around 2008, everything changed. In a move of particular generosity, the Carey family offered their resources and availability to host the Family Golf Day as an event. Ridge Meadows is a private 9-hole course the family has on their property near Bearspaw. They provide a complimentary round (or two), the use of club rentals, plus food and beverages for a barbecue afterwards.

It was an instant hit, with over 50 golfers attending in the first year of running. In the years that followed, an average of 45+ golfers hit the links to share some good times at a comfortable pace with family and friends. In 2015, over 30 golfers attended.


Success stories

There have been many heartwarming stories arise from Family Golf Day over the past few years.
One father shared how thrilled he was about being able to golf with his son for the first time in his life. His son has autism and the many distractions, pace of play and sheer size of a typical golf course can be an overwhelming experience before one even sets foot on to the first tee box.


Family Golf to Special Olympics

Family Golf Day provides an opportunity for people to experience what golf is like for the first time. A couple of members in particular, got their first taste of golf while coming out to Between Friends Family Golf Day, and continued on to golf with the Special Olympics program.
Their supportive roommate shared the exciting feedback after the event in 2015 that their friend had now also signed up to golf with Special Olympics.
If it wasn’t for their time attending that day, they may have never uncovered the passion they had for the sport.


The 2016 Family Golf Day event was another huge success, with close to 40 people in attendance to soak up the sun and enjoy quality family time on Father’s Day.


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