Facebook live Setup

 Step 1: Open your facebook home page. At the top of the page where you can create posts you will see three dots – Click those dots and a menu will drop down.

Step 2: Select Live Video from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Once selected, you will be asked to allow facebook to have access to your microphone and camera, click “Allow” this will allow people watching your live video to see and hear you!

Step 4: “Welcome to Live Producer” – This screen gives you a little more information about the facebook live updates! Select “OK”

Stream Setup

Here you will find the different settings for your Facebook Live stream

With these settings you can enable/disable the rewind feature, disable live commentary and select how the stream ends and what happens with your video after.

Schedule your Live Stream 

In this tab you are able to schedule your Live Stream for a certain date and time. You are also able to choose who you share your live stream with!

Select Privacy 

This setting lets you select who can watch your Live Stream – You can also make custom lists to share only with specific people!

Once you have finished with your Stream settings you will be ready to go live! 

Select “Go Live” at the bottom on the screen!

You now know the basics of doing your own Facebook Live!


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