YOU can help people with disabilities access social, recreational and self development programs by planning & hosting a fundraising event!

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We are so thankful to be part of a community that fosters diversity and inclusion. Over the years, we have witnessed many participants, families and friends make the decision to help Between Friends achieve its goals, by supporting the programs we offer.

Where do your fundraising dollars go?

They help participants just like Rebecca and Chelsea… sisters with Down Syndrome who access fee assistance to attend Between Friends Camp Bonaventure.

“We are grandparents raising two grandchildren on, presently, a very limited income. We are dependent on whatever assistance we can find to help them with education and social skills. Between Friends Camp Bonaventure provides our kids with all those things in a happy and cheerful environment as well as providing us with some much needed respite once in awhile.”  - Participant family

For more information on hosting an event on behalf of Between Friends, check out the Between Friends Fundraising Toolkit:

Fundraising Toolkit

Here you will find some best practices, great ideas and how we can help!

Do you have an idea for a special event? Send us an email or give us a call at 403 930 3850