Scoop of Care raises over $600 for Between Friends

A hand-spun, giant scoop of care

scoop of care

JOEY Crowfoot location raises over $600 for Between Friends through their Scoop of Care campaign in the month of August.

Through the Scoop of Care, $1 from every one of JOEY’s delicious ice-cream desserts sold in that month goes to a local charitable organization.

Between Friends was chosen by staff vote at the JOEY Crowfoot location to be the Scoop of Care recipient for August. The campaign was a success and Between Friends was presented with a donation of $680!

Thank you JOEY Crowfoot staff & to everyone who sampled the tasty ice cream in the month of August!

“Scoop of Care was created from our employees’ feedback and desire to find more ways to give back to their respective communities,” said Jeff Fuller, owner and CEO of JOEY Restaurants. “At JOEY Restaurants, we are passionate about empowering our communities and making sure that they are provided with the necessary resources to be set-up for success. We surveyed partners in each city to determine what causes were most important to them. It was important to us that our employees had a voice in crafting Scoop of Care and determining what initiatives they wanted to support. We are all really excited to see where we can take this.”


JOEY Crowfoot recapped the month with this warm post via their Facebook page:

What is so special about JOEY ice cream?

“We thought our spun daily ice cream was a great menu choice for the summer,” said Executive Chef Chris Mills, “we have brought the process of making ice cream in house. We start with liquid nitrogen, which is –321°F, and combine it with the house made ice cream base. When the liquid nitrogen hits the ice cream base, it freezes instantly which produces extremely small ice crystals. This is what makes the creamiest and smoothest ice cream you have ever tasted. We will have one of our rotating flavors featured daily meaning there will be plenty of reason to come back!”



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