Netflix Party Setup


*Everyone in the group must have a Netflix Account

*Everyone must be using the Google Chrome browser

*Click the link below to find the setup instructions

Netflix Party Instructions


Step 1:

Open your Google Chrome browser and go to

Once open enter “Chrome web store” into the search bar and click Google Search.

Step 2:

Once your search results load, select the top link: Chrome Web Store – Google Chrome

Step 3:

Once the Chrome Web Store has loaded enter “Netflix Party” in the search bar and press the Enter Key (Windows) or Return Key (Mac)

Step 4:

Once your Chrome Web Store search results have loaded, find “Netflix Party” on the list and click Add to Chrome. 

Step 5:

Once “Add to Chrome” has been clicked you will get a small pop-up notification asking if you would like to add the extension to Chrome, select “Add Extension”

*Once you have finished you should have a “NP” button next to your address bar*

You are now able to send and receive Netflix Party invitations!

Sending Netflix Party invitations

First select the show or movie you want to watch at your Netflix party!

Remember everyone in the group needs a Netflix Account! 

Step 1:

Once you have chosen what you want to watch, click on the red “NP” button next to your address bar.

Step 2:

A small window will pop up in the top corner giving you the option to allow anyone in the group control of the video playback features, or you can select the “Only I have control” setting. Once you have chosen your settings, select “Start the party”

Selecting “Only I have control” will allow the creator of the party to control the play and pause features, fast forward or rewind the video and gives you the ability to end the party at any time.

Step 3:

After selecting “Start the party” another small window will open in the corner with the link for your Netflix party. Click “Copy URL” 

Once copied you can send your party link out to your friends, family or party members through email, text, Facebook messenger etc.

Receiving Netflix Party Invitations 

When you receive your Netflix Party invitation link it will look something like this: 

Click the link and you will be taken right into your Netflix party. If you are not signed into Netflix, you will need to login and then you will join the party! 

Enjoy your Netflix Party!


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