Perspective of a Practicum Student

My name is Reena and I am a practicum student who has spent the last couple of months working with Between Friends.

At the beginning of September, I had no idea what to expect… embarking on this journey as a Between Friends program assistant. I was initially thrilled and intrigued to take on this position, as I always wondered how Between Friends provides social, recreation and self-development opportunities for a number of individuals with disabilities.

One of my goals for the semester was to further expand my knowledge on the purpose and impact this organization has in our community. Through the number of individuals I have met at these programs, I gained more of an understanding of the meaning they have for people who attend them. One of my most memorable moments is a conversation I had with a member who has been with Between Friends organization for many years.

She had mentioned the number of connections she has made by attending programs and her love for going out into the community with all of the new close friends she has made. Seeing how easily relationships are formed between members, staff, volunteers and strangers out in the community, has made me realize that Between Friends plays a huge role in promoting inclusion around our city.

I look forward to creating new memories with Between Friends participants and continuing my work as a program assistant in the New Year to come!

– Reena (Between Friends practicum student)


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