Realizing our Vision – Members Give Back

by:  Mariangela Avila – Practicum Student

Aktion Club and our newest program Volunteer-in-Training are two programs that live our vision and mission, giving members the opportunity to contribute back to the community that has supported them and to be appreciated for their valuable contributions.

Kiwanis Walmart BBQ - Delaney edit

Aktion Club funded by Northmount Kiwanis and Volunteer-in-Training developed for members of Between Friends, allows for individuals with disabilities to volunteer and give back to the community. These programs empower individuals to further develop leadership skills, independence, opinion and decision-making, as well as connectedness with other members, and a sense of belonging in an inclusive and supportive environment.

What does Aktion Club do?

Aktion Club members volunteer, fundraise, and attend fun social events such as, movies, hockey games, BBQs, or drinks at Shanks, while Volunteers-in-Training are fully supported through mentors, to become successful leaders of Between Friends Summer Camps.

Both of these programs allow for an individual with a disability to take on responsibilities that will provide unlimited opportunities for growth and an excitement for the future.

“As a supportive roommate Aktion Club has a motto of “giving back to the community”, which I feel is very important. It shows the community that anyone can volunteer their time, even with a disability. My roommate is excited to belong to this volunteer concept of Between Friends, he is a valued member of this team, his ideas are accepted, and he talks to his friends about what a great time he has volunteering at all the events.”

– Donna Kreese (Supportive Roommate of Craig Barry – member of Aktion Club)


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