Between Friends WeConnect Programs are our online virtual programs that take place over Zoom. We believe in the positive benefits of social connection, especially during this time of physical distancing. We are working hard to ensure that our members have programming that allows them to connect, grow, and belong. We understand that a lot of our members are already having lots of screen time, so we will focus on the social interactions, while providing a safe and accepting environment. 

WeConnect Programs are available for members of all ages. The programs run for 5 weeks at a time, for 1 – 3 hours per week, depending on the program. We run six different types of programs through WeConnect, movement, social, games, film, crafts, and music. We also have a speciality program each season where we partner with different contractors to provide programming that we have not offered previously. 

WeConnect program registration opens up at various times of the year, before each individual WeConnect session. Check our Upcoming Events section to see when we are registering for the next WeConnect program.

The programs run for multiple weeks at a time each session for a couple hours a week.

Speciality programs are offered for members to explore new opportunities outside our 6 typical program type. Past speciality programs have included cooking, drama, and karaoke!

Please view our WeConnect Program Guide Below:

WeConnect Parent

They have been really great because it provides them with activities to keep their minds entertained and the important social connection which has been really helpful to keep them interested in what’s happening in the world and talking to others going through the same situation. They haven’t been going into the community at all so it’s been a lifesaver. “I don’t know what I’d be doing without you