Between Friends Camp Bonaventure

*Camp Bonaventure is an Alberta Camping Association Accredited Camp

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Important Update:

We have made the difficult decision to cancel Camp Bonaventure and offer two alternative summer options that are more likely to be able to run safely this summer. 

  1. Rec & Respite: We hope to provide small group summer programming that will provide families with fun and much needed relief this summer. These small respite groups would be all day, in-person, and located at safe community sites.  Click HERE for more information
  2. Virtual Options/Opportunities: We are looking into providing virtual opportunities for our families. Virtual Summer Activities could include take home activity kits, virtual activities, etc.  More information coming soon including how to register! 

We believe that operating Camp Bonaventure the way we all know and love unfortunately would not be the safest option for our families this summer. We hope that this decision to offer “Rec & Respite” instead of Camp Bonaventure will give us a greater chance of being able to offer safe in-person programs that provide our members the opportunity to connect, grow, and belong. We also hope for those families not comfortable attending in-person programs that virtual options will provide them the same opportunity to connect, grow, and belong this summer.

Due to COVID-19, Between Friends staff are diligently working within the Alberta Health Services guidelines to safely open Rec & Respite.  Staff to Participant Ratios, Personal Aides and Volunteer Opportunities will only be made available once we know more about the restrictions in Alberta.  For more information about how Between Friends is working to keep you safe during in-person programming, please check out our Relaunch Plan.

Between Friends Camp Bonaventure creates a summer full of excitement, friendship and fun. Children and youth thrive at Camp Bonaventure. They are encouraged to challenge and develop their abilities through canoeing, sailing, swimming, arts & crafts, and many other exciting activities and adventures.

Camp Bonaventure is available to children and youth with and without a disability from the age of 4 – 17 years old. Individuals are divided into age-appropriate groups. Activities are customized to all ability levels to maximize enjoyment and help participants challenge and grow their individual potential.

Camp Bonaventure typically operates on a staff to participant ratio of 1:4 and can accommodate participants with a 1:2 to 1:6 ratio. Members who require 1:1 are welcome to participate with the assistance of their Personal Aide.

Camp Bonaventure groups by age*:

Minnows: 4 – 5
Chipmunks: 6 – 7
Otters: 8 – 9
Badgers: 10 – 11
Wolverines: 12 – 13
Coyotes: 14 – 15
Grizzlies: 16 – 17

*Age groups are subject to change based on registration  

Camp Staff

Interested in working at Camp Bonaventure? See our employment listings for available positions HERE.

Between Friends will ensure that every child and youth with a wish for the thrilling adventure of attending Camp Bonaventure is granted the opportunity. If required, we offer further fee assistance and payment plans. To discuss your alternatives, please contact Cienna at