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We are so thankful to be part of a community that fosters diversity and inclusion. Our supporters are the reason Between Friends can provide quality programs and services. 

The programs you support nourish the wellbeing of our participants as well as their families by providing them with valuable respite time. Parents & caregivers can feel confident leaving their loved ones in our programs where they will be safe, and have opportunities to take care of themselves and other family members. 

By donating to Between Friends, you support an organization that: 

Thanks to our donors, our programs remain accessible and affordable for our members. Your generosity helps us reduce barriers to participation and enrich the lives of so many amazing and unique individuals who bond and grow at our programs.

– Casey, Participant

“Between Friends really allows us to transcend the stereotype of a ‘disable person’. Their programs provide me with support; they keep me balanced and grounded, and give me an opportunity to improve my social and verbalization skills. I feel good after every program activity.” 

– Audrey, Parent

“Michael loves going on [Adventurers] trips. He plans out his entire summer around the ones he wants to go on. Michael is very much enthralled with these programs – they help him be social and have the right support in place when interacting with staff and members. He really enjoys going out and doing something new with peers- connecting with old friends and getting to know new friends. When I ask him what he wants to do he responds: “I just want to go on an adventure”.
[Without these programs] Michael would not have anything to do. He does not have the social skills. Programs are a safe place for him to express himself. Were it not for Between Friends, there would not be a safe outlet for him to express himself away from me (his mother) or his supportive roommate. Between Friends has opened the world up for him and taught him a lot about independence.” 

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