Through the VIT service, Between Friends gives our members the opportunity to learn the skills to become a volunteer in a safe and inclusive environment. Volunteers in Training (VITs) are given the chance to volunteer in W.E.S.O.A.R! and/or Camp Bonaventure. 

Between Friends trains a VIT Leader to join members at the program they are volunteering with, and provide inclusion support, as well as guidance to the VIT. The VIT Leader will act as a mentor for the VIT and the Program Leaders, in order to create an inclusive learning environment. Once the VIT, Program Leader, and VIT Leader feel ready, the VIT can begin volunteering in the program without the support of the VIT Leader.

The VIT Leader does not act as a 1:1 community aide, or respite worker.


To participate in the VIT Services, the member must:


Contact our Membership Team at 403 269 9133 or info@betweenfriends.ab.ca for more information about the VIT service, and to get the registration process started.

The VIT service runs in three sessions throughout the year:


Access to the VIT service is a perk of your Between Friends membership. There are no additional fees for VIT services, beyond the cost of your membership.