What We Do

Between Friends provides Social & Recreational Programming and Inclusion Services that give people with disabilities of all ages the opportunity to experience fun and enriching activities in the community. Participants feel included, happy, and safe in an environment where they can build genuine friendships and be themselves without fear of judgement or bullying.

Social and Recreational Programming

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What does Between Friends mean to Amy?

Between Friends has had a tremendous impact on Amy. The friendships she has gained both with other participants and staff has been overwhelming and so enriching. Between Friends is a true blessing for children with disabilities!

Training Our Program Staff

Between Friends staff are trained to care for individuals with disabilities and any additional support a participant may require. These supports could relate to their basic needs and personal care such as toileting, changing, feeding, lifts, transfers, and administration of medications. Often, a lack of support in these areas can be a barrier to participation in social and recreational programming. At Between Friends, we provide extensive training for our staff so they are qualified and equipped to ensure the needs of our members are met. This guarantees that our participants can have a pleasant experience, are comfortable being away from their caregivers, and have fun with their peers.

Our staff members are trained in Non-Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention and sensitivity training. They are taught techniques and strategies to successfully support people with disabilities throughout their day and help promote a safe and positive environment for everyone. Between Friends’ staff will listen to lived experience of our members. Part of the challenge of finding social and recreational programming in the community is lack of knowledge in behaviour management. Participants can feel unaccepted and isolated if their behavioural difficulties are not understood. Our programs offer that understanding and ensure everyone feels like they belong.

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