Between Friends strives to form partnerships with local recreation providers to ensure our members have the choice to access community recreation programs wherever they like. Our partnerships allow us to support our members in the community and support our community partners in building capacity within their own organization. Between Friends believes that our community is stronger, more united, and celebrated when everyone has the opportunity to connect, grow, and belong. 

I.C.A.N! is Between Friends’ vision comes to life: where people with disabilities are viewed and recognized as valuable citizens. 

We train individuals passionate about inclusion as Recreation Inclusion Facilitators (RIFs) to support the inclusion process.

Members registered with I.C.A.N! will be accompanied to their external program with a RIF to help the participant join in and provide the external partner with inclusion support. When the participant feels ready for more independence, they can choose to attend their program without a RIF. 

The RIFs do not act as a 1:1 community aide, or respite worker.


To participate in I.C.A.N! Services, the participant must:

We recommend Between Friends Programs if a participant succeeds in an environment with higher level support.

Between Friends has partnered with various recreational facilities throughout Calgary and the surrounding area.


Contact Meghan Owen at 403 305 4415 or e-mail mowen@betweenfriends.ab.ca for more information about Between Friends I.C.A.N! services,  and to get the registration process started. 


There are no additional fees for I.C.A.N! Services above and beyond the cost of the program. Please visit our partner facilities to confirm program fees and to make payments directly with them.

Community Recreation Providers

If you are a recreation provider in the Calgary area interested in building your organization’s capacity in supporting people with disabilities in your programs, please read our guide for more information on our partnership opportunities. 

I.C.A.N Partner Information

A formal partnership with Between Friends through our I.C.A.N! Services come with many advantages to your organization and community. Some of the advantages include: