Suzanne Jackett to retire

I am excited…and just a wee bit sad…to announce that I have decided to retire effective December 31, 2020. My 22 years at Between Friends has been the best time of my life. I have developed so many skills and so many friends and it will be hard to say goodbye. I have watched the organization grow, and watched the people within the organization grow; from our young program participants who are now young adults and adults to our volunteers and staff who have gone on to greatness in their own professions. I am very proud of the contributions that Between Friends has made for our participants, our volunteers, our staff, our donors and funders…and our community. Although as a community, we have a long way to go, trust me, we are in a much different and much better place than we were 22 years ago (albeit the economy could certainly use some help!). Calgary is becoming a more inclusive city and organizations are working more closely together for the benefit of those who use our services. I know it is only going to get better!

As I prepare for my departure in December, trust that I will do everything in my power to ensure a smooth transition with the new CEO. The Board of Directors will be starting the selection process in the coming weeks and they know that hiring the right CEO is the single most important job that they have. We are working closely to ensure a seamless transition.

The Board has asked me to invite you to let them know directly if you have any comments or concerns…or if you know of any potential candidates who would be passionate about joining the Between Friends team. You can contact the Selection Committee by email at

Thank you all for your support and commitment over the past 22 years. Know that I will carry my experience with Between Friends close to my heart for years to come.

Yours in friendship,



Suzanne Jackett