Between Friends I.C.A.N! 

Inclusive Community Activities with No Barriers

Some of our I.C.A.N! and community partners will be offering summer programming in 2020. Please reach out to your Community Engagement Coordinator if you are registered for a community based program. We can share Accessibility Guides, and offer to brainstorm with their staff on ways to ensure an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

Between Friends I.C.A.N! services and camps are suitable for Between Friends members who would like to explore community recreation. Members participate independently in community programs. A Between Friends, Recreation Inclusion Facilitator (RIF), will be in attendance providing guidance to the Between Friends member, program instructor and program participants if necessary. Discovery, participation and social interaction with typically-developing peers are key experiences of the I.C.A.N! service.

Between Friends has partnered with various recreational facilities throughout Calgary and the surrounding area.


Who Can Participate?

To participate in ICAN! services, the participant must:

  • Be a Between Friends member
  • Fit the age range requirements of the community program
  • Be independent in personal care and require minimal behaviour support
  • Have an interest and desire to participate in the program

We recommend Between Friends Programs if a participant succeeds in an environment with higher level support.

Download the 2020 I.C.A.N Partner Guide Below:

I.C.A.N Partner Guide 2020


Call Nikki Stevens at 403 508 0114 or e-mail for more information about Between Friends I.C.A.N! services,  and to get the registration process started. 

I.C.A.N! Services Fees

There are no additional fees for I.C.A.N! services above and beyond the cost of the program. Please visit our partner facilities to confirm program fees and to make payments directly with them.

Recreation Inclusion Facilitator

The Recreation Inclusion Facilitator (RIF) is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all program participants. The RIF is responsible for educating facility staff on best practices in facilitating the inclusion process. Although the RIF monitors the program daily and provides guidance, the primary point of contact will be community program staff. Recreation Inclusion Coordinators have a wide range of experience in Childhood Education, Rehabilitation or the disability field.

Between Friends and the partner facility carefully screen and select individuals for this position who are trustworthy, capable, positive role models, enthusiastic, and talented. RIF’s must be over 18 years of age and obtain formal screening through The Calgary Police and Alberta Government Child Welfare. Staff must possess Standard First Aid and CPR certification.