Between Friends W.E.S.O.A.R! Programs 

Registration for W.E.S.O.A.R! Programming is coming up: Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 5:30 PM MST.
Please have a look at our Summer 2022 W.E.S.O.A.R! Program Guide for full information on all the offerings available!
NOTE: You must have a 2022 Membershipprior to registering for our W.E.S.O.A.R! Programs!
If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding any of our W.E.S.O.A.R! Programs, please contact:
Aurora Anderson
Program Coordinator, W.E.S.O.A.R!, WeConnect, and Special Events
Thank you!

W.E.S.O.A.R! Programs

W.E.S.O.A.R! Programs (Weekend & Evening Social Opportunities, Activities & Recreation) include a variety of group activities. Members may choose to participate in swimming, bowling, dancing, or dinner and a movie among many other fun and social activities. W.E.S.O.A.R! Programs are available to Between Friends members of all ages.

Programs run in various locations and partner facilities throughout Calgary (NE, NW, SE, SW). A typical program runs one night a week for approximately two hours.

Participants are divided into age-appropriate groups and activities. The ratio of staff to participant is generally 1:4. Members who require 1:1 are welcome to participate with the assistance of their Personal Aide.

W.E.S.O.A.R! Program Fees

W.E.S.O.A.R! fees vary dependent on the program. Please see the program guide for details.

Between Friends will ensure that every individual with a wish to attend programs is granted the opportunity.  If required, we offer further fee assistance and payment plans.

If you need support with fee assistance, registration, membership renewal process, or anything pertaining to membership, please contact your Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC).

If you do not know who your assigned CEC is, please contact our main line at 403-269-9133